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Principles of First Aid

The fundamental aims of First Aid are the following:

  • to prevent further harm from a dangerous situation (including harm to non-injured people),
  • to prevent the loss of life in the injured person, and
  • to promote the injured person’s recovery from an injury or illness.

Accordingly, the first step in a First Aid situation is to remove both the injured person and any non-injured people from a dangerous situation. An injured person should not be left in the middle of a busy roadway, nor should non-injured people attempt to give First Aid in such a dangerous location.

The second step in a First Aid situation is to take mechanical measures to save life, like opening a blocked airway, applying pressure to a bleeding wound or raising the feet of someone whose brain is not getting enough blood flow (circulatory shock).

Once these basic needs have been met, then the caregiver can begin applying measures aimed at speeding recovery, such as giving an effective homeopathic remedy.

For classes in First Aid, we recommend Your local Red Cross also offers classes in First Aid and CPR.