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Managing a Remedy Dose

Repeating an Effective Dose

The remedy worked! Yay! Now, how often do I give it? The universal rule is this: As long as improvement continues, do not repeat the remedy. When improvement stalls, as long as the fundamental character of the symptoms have not changed (only the intensity), that is the time to give another dose. The closer a person gets to full recovery, the less often they should need to take the remedy.

Nothing Happened, What Do I Do?

If you observed no change in the person’s symptoms after one dose of the remedy, and you have allowed a reasonable amount of time for the remedy to act, you probably want to give one more dose of that remedy before changing remedies. If nothing happens after two doses, consider another remedy from your results.

When to Change a Remedy

If a remedy is not effective after two doses, there is probably a better match for the person’s symptoms. Likewise, if the fundamental character of the symptoms changes, it is time to look for a new remedy based on the new symptoms.