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Joe Kellerstein, ND 40+ years experience

One of the most prominent names in homeopathy worldwide, Dr. Kellerstein has been practicing homeopathy since he graduated at the top of his class from the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1984. Joe has been lecturing at numerous schools since 1987, teaches online classes for WholeHealthNow and publishes regularly in Homeopathy Today. He has a particular interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Clean Language as tools for effective case taking.

Maryann Ivons, ND 37+ years experience

Dr. Ivons started her medical career as an emergency room and intensive care nurse before becoming a naturopathic physician in 1987. She has been practicing homeopathy since, while also lecturing at Bastyr University and the Seattle School of Homeopathy and serving as Dean of Academic Affairs for the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Maryann is the author of Homeopathy for Nurses and a contributor to Vogel and Krucoff's Integrative Cardiology.

Farokh Master, MD 44+ years experience

One of the most experienced practitioners and prolific authors in the field, Dr. Master is well known for his work with homeopathy in advanced pathological conditions. He currently lectures internationally while supervising several teams of doctors at six different medical facilities near Mumbai. Since he began practicing in 1980, Farokh has been the recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to both homeopathy and the treatment of cancer.

Kim Elia 37+ years experience

Recognized around the world as one of most knowledgeable and dynamic teachers of homeopathy, Kim Elia is also a practicing homeopath, a nutritionist and the CEO of WholeHealthNow. He graduated from the New England School of Homeopathy and practiced for several years with Drs. Paul Herscu & Amy Rothenberg. Kim designed and taught the 4-year classical homeopathy curriculum at the Hahnemann Institute in Tokyo and Osaka. Kim has been involved in homeopathic software development for more than 20 years.

Mitch Fleisher, MD, DHt 42+ years experience

Dr. Mitch Fleisher is a double board-certified, licensed, Family Physician specializing in constitutional homeopathy, anti-aging, regenerative medicine, peptide therapy, exosome and stem cell therapy, advanced musculoskeletal injection therapy, nutritional and botanical medicine, I.V. therapy, chelation and detoxification therapy, bio-oxidative therapy, and bio-identical bio-mimetic hormone replacement therapy with over thirty years experience practicing the gentler art and science of Integrative Medicine. He served as a member of the clinical faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy, and was both an alumni and a faculty member of the New England School of Homeopathy and the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy. He has worked with many medical and scientific institutions, and is the originator of Joint Regeneration Therapy. He currently serves as the Medical Director of the Center for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.

Shea Kennedy, CHom, C.HP 17+ years experience

This wonderful journey all began when my oldest was an infant. I noticed that after each well visit, he would become sick. Each time I would call his pediatrician they always prescribed antibiotics. I began to feel that conventional medicine was not the approach I wanted for my children. I became interested in homeopathy upon my research into an alternative approach. I found homeopathy helped with many common ailments including colds, ear infections, behavioral and emotional issues. Every problem that came up was improved with the help of homeopathy. Eventually our entire family was using homeopathy as our main form of healthcare. After seeing the improvement homeopathy provided for my children, myself, family, and friends I decided to pursue my interest to begin studying homeopathy. I am a graduate of Lotus Health Institute and I continue my education with Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and I have my certification as a HP supervisor from FHCI (Free and Healthy Children International).

Hart Matthews 16+ years experience

Hart Matthews is a 2008 graduate of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy with a degree in Vitalistic Healing. A journalist and writer before he discovered homeopathy, Hart is a certified, practicing homeopath, writes for WholeHealthNow and lectures on case analysis at the Caduceus Institute.

Raymond Edge 34+ years experience

Raymond Edge is a 1990 graduate of the U.K. School of Homeopathy and a certified classical homeopath practicing in Toronto. The founder of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM), he has lectured extensively on homeopathy. Raymond previously served as Dean of CCHM and works especially with neurological disorders.