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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Browsers work with Homeopathic Housecall?

Homeopathic Housecall runs on the latest versions of most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 9+.

Regarding Registration and Payment

Why do you need my credit card information?

We require your credit card number so that we can verify who you are and keep our site secure. Once your free trial period is over, no action is required, and your subscription will begin. Only if you choose to cancel your subscription do you need to take any action.

Am I agreeing to a contract with my free trial?

Definitely not. You may cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the Cancel Account button on your Dashboard. Please note that there are no refunds given on any unused portion of your subscription.

What payment options do you accept?

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

When will my card be charged?

Your free trial begins immediately, but your credit card will be charged automatically at the end of your trial period (after 14 days). You may cancel your subscription at any time before that date without being charged.


If I live outside the U.S., can I use Homeopathic Housecall?

Yes! The elegant Homeopathic Housecall interface operates on a browser on your computer or mobile device, so no problem using it from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

If you can provide a billing address and pay by credit card, you can use Homeopathic Housecall.

About Homeopathic Housecall

For basic instructions on getting started, view our tutorial.

Everybody has the flu. Do I need to find a remedy for each person? Or can I just lump them all together?

If you are attempting to help more than one person with the same illness, please create one Housecall for each person. Mixing the symptoms of more than one person in a single Housecall is less likely to yield an effective homœopathic remedy.

If several people in my house are sick with the same bug, shouldn't they all take the same remedy?

One of the tenets of homœopathy is that each person experiences disease differently, even if that disease is caused by the same pathogen.

Sometimes, we observe that a very strong epidemic disease, like influenza, for example, might affect different people in a similar enough way to warrant giving the same remedy to different sufferers.

More frequently, we observe that contagious diseases like colds or stomach bugs affect different people in distinct enough ways to require different remedies for each sufferer.

So, if you are attempting to help more than one person with a contagious illness, please create one Housecall for each person. Mixing the symptoms of more than one person in a single Housecall is less likely to yield an effective homœopathic remedy. You may find that the same remedy comes up for each person, or you may not.

How did you choose what health conditions to list?

Dr. Constantine Hering's The Domestic Homoeopathic Physician was our inspiration for Homeopathic Housecall. The structure of Hering's book guided both the structure of this site and the conditions that we included here.

All conditions listed in Homœopathic Housecall are first aid applications, in which the clarity of the symptoms allow both experienced and inexperienced users to find an effective remedy.

Chronic health problems like allergies, asthma and skin problems (to name only a few) have been excluded from Homeopathic Housecall because they require the experience and expertise of a trained homœopath for effective treatment.

How many remedies are represented in Homeopathic Housecall?

Although the number of remedies in our database changes, we generally have about 100 first aid remedies represented in Homeopathic Housecall.

How did you choose the remedies for Homeopathic Housecall?

Our criteria for choosing remedies to include in Homeopathic Housecall are as follows:

  1. The total number of remedies included in Homeopathic Housecall must be manageable for the home user.
  2. Each remedy must have verifiable effectiveness in each condition in which it appears.
  3. The remedies we include must be effective quickly in acute, first aid conditions. Homeopathic Housecall is, above all, an acute-care tool.
  4. Even inexperienced homeopathic users should be able to distinguish between the therapeutic indications for the various remedies contained in each first aid condition.
  5. The remedies must have been chosen unanimously by our team of experienced practitioners.
  6. The remedies we choose for a first-aid condition, taken all together, should be able to improve that condition 80 percent of the time. (We are continuing to work to close that 20 percent gap.)

Will I have to purchase Upgrades to Homeopathic Housecall?

Our first aid product, Homeopathic Housecall, will continue to undergo refinements and enhancements to its content and functionality, which you will receive automatically as long as you maintain a current subscription. You will not have to purchase, install or download anything!

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